Channel Enablement

Telstra is Australia’s largest mobile network, employing over 32,000 people and providing telecommunications and information services both in Australia and internationally. Telstra offers fixed and mobile network infrastructure, Internet and 3G network services, broadband access, international connectivity and management services.

The Challenge

Avec has recently deployed a project team of 8 to assist Telstra with their digitisation of sales channel program. The aim is to simplify process from all sales channels for Telstra so they can be digitised. Avec is also assisting Telstra with rationalising their supplier relationships including contracts with local and global entities.

The Solution

We have provided one IT and digital program manager who is vendor contracts management focused; as well as one project manager who is responsible for documenting and process mapping. Further, we have provided 6 project coordinators who are focussed on supporting projects as well as assisting executives with daily processes, documenting and admin.

The Difference


The Result


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