Case Study: App Development for Global Hospital Provider

Design and implement the underpinning technology to support an App to improve hospital patient care.

Company Overview

Our client is a global hospital group owning and operating a comprehensive range of healthcare facilities across Australia, France, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

Project Description

This healthcare client  is undergoing a significant change focused on modernising its approach to engaging with clinicians. Historically, the client has relied on a manual process to underpin its engagement with clinicians in regards to schedules and patient notifications.  Advancements in technology and the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has given our client the opportunity to reshape and streamline communications between hospitals and clinicians. The expected result is to allow the clinicians to provide better services patients as well as differentiate the client’s health care experience for clinicians making them a preferred hospital group across the country by clinicians. As the first step of this transformation, the client is shifting from its historical approach to one which leverages advances in technology, specifically by leveraging mobile devices to access pertinent clinician information related to their schedules.

Avec’s Role

Avec designed and implemented the underpinning technology to support the app development. This includes:

  • Solution Architecture and solution design
  • Base ServiceNow platform integration
  • Integration between ServiceNow & legacy systems
  • Integration between ServiceNow and the frontend App
  • E2E testing
  • Deployment Support
  • Support the operationalisation and change request
  • Management and vendor management of all Phase 1 pilot activity

Project Outcomes

  • Allow clinicians to provide better services to patients
  • Differentiate the clients’ health care experience for clinicians making them a preferred choice across the country by clinicians
  • Provide an iTunes and Google Play style experience for clinicians to download the app
  • Provide analytics and feedback to allow insight and learning to be leveraged for future phases i.e. scaled pilot and full deployment

Team Skills

  • ServiceNow
  • Data Modeling
  • API Integration
  • HTML5

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