Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management

Today’s  service desks, HR departments, and other business functions providing enterprise services across organisations are faced with pressures to improve service delivery and transparency and provide more effective controls on internal processes. Organisations must transition from siloed service delivery processes and build a bridge with a holistic approach to meeting user needs.

Avec’s Enterprise Service Management offerings help our client’s shift from managing service requests as independent, cross business tasks, to gaining control of their internal operational processes through optimization and integration. By streamlining processes and providing management tools we help our clients gain transparency internally allowing them to drive customer experience and identify cost reduction opportunities.

As part of Enterprise Service Management, we extend our offerings further than service management to offerings that are driven through process automation, such as asset management and where we employee on-boarding. We additionally, provide solutions that enable our client’s to gain control over their mobile applications with a single platform to manage all application engagement and improve overall performance of the applications.

Our Enterprise Service Management Offerings include:

  • Service Management Design & Implementation
  • Cross Enterprise Process Consolidation & Automation
  • Asset Management
  • Application Engine Development

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