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Telstra is Australia’s largest mobile network, employing over 32,000 people and providing telecommunications and information services both in Australia and internationally. Telstra offers fixed and mobile network infrastructure, Internet and 3G network services, broadband access, international connectivity and management services.

The Challenge

Telstra is rapidly digitising all their channels and as backlogs of broken processes increases we are there to remove those impediments and enable teams to function with a clear sense of processes and outcomes.

The Solution

We have deployed a project of 10 people at Telstra on a scalable model of resources that allows us to deep dive into their numerous projects and design new agile processes for them. We are also working with teams that are chartered to deal with tickets raised, help them simplify issues and deal with them if SLAs have been blown out, and the team have not been able to resolve them.
We have provided one Program Lead/Agile Scrum Lead who is responsible for looking at inefficient processes and designing new ones. We have also deployed two Senior Project Coordinators, who are responsible for documenting User stories, process mapping and dealing with escalations. Finally we have provided on-demand support team members who pick up cases from Salesforce support teams and deal with cases that have far surpassed agreed SLAs.

The Difference


The Result


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