Council’s oracle fusion cloud SaaS implementation

Project Summary

Avec led the successful implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS for the Council’s business transformation program, ensuring a seamless go-live at the end of 2023. The modernisation of finance, supply chain management, and asset operations was achieved without significant downtime, showcasing Avec’s proficiency in large-scale IT transformations.

The challenge

In mid-2022, this Council initiated a business transformation program aimed at replacing its core IT systems. The Council faced the challenge of modernising its technological infrastructure to improve efficiency and streamline operations across various departments. The program’s scope included the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS, covering finance (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and asset management modules. The Council required a comprehensive approach to project management that would ensure a smooth transition to the new systems without disrupting ongoing services.

The solution

Avec were engaged and provided project management services to lead the Council’s Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS implementation. The Avec team were responsible for critical tasks, including project planning, integration architecture, change management, and communications. The approach was methodological and strategic and included:

  • The establishment of robust project and program governance structures to oversee the transformation.
  • Project recruitment to build a capable team and one that was aligned with the Council’s priorities.
  • Coordination of requirements gathering and future process development.
  • User acceptance testing and end-user training to prepare staff for transition.
  • Project budget management and migration reconciliations, ensuring financial accountability.
  • Management of vendor relations with the implementation partner to maintain project momentum and address challenges promptly.

The result

The Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS implementation project successfully went live at the end of 2023. The meticulous planning and execution led by Avec resulted in a seamless transition to the new systems. The Council’s finance, supply chain management, and asset management operations were modernised without significant downtime or service interruptions.

The Avec team’s regular briefings and reports to the Council’s executive team ensured transparency and alignment with strategic objectives. The successful delivery of the project under the management of a $50m+ budget demonstrated Avec’s capability to handle large-scale IT transformations with proficiency and partnership. The Council’s business transformation program is now well-positioned to deliver improved services to the community, showcasing Avec’s commitment to delivering IT projects that empower clients to excel in their core businesses.