Empowering Telstra's NBN Program

Project Summary

Avec provided essential support to Telstra’s NBN Program, enabling the successful transition of complex products to NBN infrastructure. Avec’s consultants delivered key technical resources and implemented a delivery framework aligned with Telstra’s policies and industry best practices. The transformation program for complex products was completed in a record time of 9 months, delivering core capabilities crucial for the program’s success.

The challenge

Telstra Enterprise Group embarked the NBN journey in early 2015 with 4 simple products that would allow its customers to transition from copper based products to NBN Fibre based products. Whilst this was the beginning, Telstra had to gear up for transitioning more complex products and customers over to NBN to meet its obligations.

As NBN Technology matured and new industry white papers were launched the task became considerably complex and challenging. A fast, robust and effective solution was required to ensure that Telstra continued to meet its industry obligations by transitioning all its complex product sets over to NBN infrastructure.

The difference

Telstra was looking for industry partners who could provide them the required support in meeting their industry obligations and ensure that their solutions were designed, delivered and implemented in time to meet the necessary deadlines.

Avec provided Telstra Enterprise NBN Program with consultants who would provide the group with the necessary guidance and support to build the tools and processes required for this major transformation.

The solution

The transformation program for key complex products such as ISDN, DDS Fastway, Meglink and Customnet were delivered via Avec in a record time of 9 months.

The result

The key results Avec was able to achieve during this timeframe were:

1. Implemented a delivery framework and model in line with Telstra Policies and industry best practices

2. Established a team of key technical resources including developers and testers who would assist the company in achieving its goals

3. Delivered core capabilities such as data ingestion, data transformation, data modelling, order capturing, reporting and workflow capabilities via the new platform