Streamlining sales reporting for Assetlink

Project Summary

Avec successfully addressed Assetlink’s challenges with time-consuming and inaccurate sales reporting processes by implementing a fixed-price, short-duration engagement. This involved transferring reporting responsibilities to Avec and subsequently automating the reports, significantly reducing manual involvement. The project delivered substantial benefits, including robust revenue generation, significant time savings for senior executives, improved data accuracy and validity, and the creation of new reports and updates to existing ones, expanding the scope of actionable insights for Assetlink.

The challenge

Assetlink faced time-consuming and inaccurate sales reporting processes, resulting in delayed decision-making and suboptimal resource allocation. The existing reports, managed by the Sales manager and an resource-constrained IT team, did not meet the business’s requirements in terms of timing and accuracy.

The solution

To address this challenge, Avec implemented a fixed-price, short-duration engagement, transferring the reporting responsibilities from Assetlink to Avec. Initially, monthly reports were provided to ensure continuity and immediate relief for Assetlink staff. However, the pivotal transformation occurred when Avec’s team automated the reports, significantly reducing the need for manual involvement.

The result

The project delivered by Avec had substantial benefits for Assetlink, including:

  • Robust revenue generation, reflecting the real value of Avec’s expertise in data management, reporting, and automation.
  • Savings of 3-4 hours of menial work per week for senior executives, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Data accuracy and validity improved by over 10%, enhancing the reliability of decision-critical information.
  • Creation of 2 new reports and updating of 6 existing reports, expanding the scope and depth of actionable insights for Assetlink.