Delivering a successful ERP program for the Electoral Commission of Queensland

Project Summary

ECQ partnered with Avec to implement an ERP Program, successfully delivering Phase 1 on time and within budget. Quality assurance and testing played a crucial role in the success of the project. Avec’s flexible and cost-effective delivery solution secured additional functions for Phase 2, continuing the partnership with ECQ.

The challenge

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) initiated an ERP Program aimed at replacing the existing ERP system to better serve the needs of Queensland constituents. In the short term (Phase 1), the goal was to achieve better governance and logistics for running an election, improved management of political candidates, registrations, donations, and the implementation of a digital voting pilot at a polling booth for one electorate.

ECQ engaged an international supplier for the ERP software through a rigorous selection process. However, this would be the first implementation of its kind in Australia, making it extremely complex and significantly larger than any previous program or project undertaken by ECQ. As a result, ECQ needed additional capacity to augment its existing staff contingent and a local project delivery capability infrastructure.

The difference

Avec successfully blended the capability of experienced delivery consultants with those of the software vendor and further augmented capacity by leveraging resources available through its association with Talent International, its Group company.

The solution

Avec took responsibility for several delivery functions, including business analysis (solution and compliance), data migration, master scheduling, program coordination, project management for the digital voting pilot project, and architecture integration and onboarding. A total of 26 consultants were deployed on site over a 2-year engagement.

The result

By leveraging Avec’s delivery capability, ECQ successfully delivered Phase 1 on time and at a fraction of the cost compared to engaging a larger consulting firm. Avec provided scale, speed, and expertise through a flexible delivery solution based on trust, independence, and care. As a result, Avec has secured additional delivery functions for Phase 2 of the Program and looks forward to continuing its partnership with ECQ.

Throughout the process, quality assurance and testing were integral to the successful delivery of the ERP Program. Avec’s consultants ensured rigorous testing and compliance with legislation, specific requirements for accommodating people with impairments, and the migration and testing of highly sensitive data. This commitment to quality assurance and testing played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the ERP Program for ECQ.