Struggling with the management of complex architecture?

Facing challenges due to architectural design? Worried about integrating new technologies into the architectural design? We help define ICT landscapes where every design choice contributes towards a more efficient, scalable, and secure digital future.

Sallie Moore-Wood

Manager Governance & Information Systems, Waratah-Wynard and Circular Head Councils

Successfully delivering architecture projects for 

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Our architecture practice works with  Australian and New Zealand businesses.

We build architectual capability in five key areas.

Here’s how we do it:


Enterprise architecture

We can develop a clear roadmap for your IT systems, ensuring that technology investments align with business objectives. We assist in creating a structured approach to IT transformation, enhancing operational efficiency, and agility.

Consulting & advisory

We provide strategic guidance, best practices, and actionable recommendations to help you navigate complex architectural challenges, maximise technology investments, and achieve your business goals.

Solution architecture

We translate your business requirements into robust technical solutions. We work closely with you to design scalable, secure, and high-performing solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring successful project delivery.


We conduct detailed assessments, provide actionable insights, and develop tailored improvement strategies to enhance architectural performance and resilience, enabling you to have a comprehensive understanding of your IT architecture’s effectiveness.


Domains refer to specific areas of expertise within the architecture practice, such as cloud architecture, infrastructure architecture, application architecture, cybersecurity, and more. Each domain focuses on a particular aspect of IT architecture.

Our unique approach

We rethink project delivery by blending four simple layers. Individually they are useful but combined they are unstoppable.


How we engage our clients from a contractual perspective. It's where we blend capacity with capability through delivery. 


Our delivery methodology. It is where we blend agile principles with traditional project management, planning, and governance.


Our unique enablers enhance our ability to ensure success. It’s the people, process systems, and practice IP we rely on to deliver better.


Our positioning within the large multinational Talent group and the tremendous access and backing it provides.

Success stories

Avec’s solution for Ampol’s POS integration challenge

The challenge Ampol, an ASX-listed company with a global workforce of over 8,300 employees, faced the challenge of replacing its end-of-life Point of Sale (POS) solution. After selecting a Cloud native software platform through a rigorous RFP process, the company...

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What services does the enterprise architecture capability involve?

This capability involves aligning your business strategy and processes with your IT infrastructure and technology. It focuses on creating a holistic view of your organisation’s current and future state.

These can include:

  • Framework definition and adoption
  • Current state architecture assessments
  • Target state architecture
  • Roadmap and transition plans
How does Avec support clients through solution architecture practices?

Solution architecture involves designing and overseeing the implementation of specific technology solutions to address business challenges or opportunities. It focuses on creating detailed technical designs for software applications or systems. Services include:

  • Solution architecture design and modelling
  • Non-functional requirements definition
  • Current state architecture assessments
  • Target state component and interface design
What consulting & advisory services are available to clients?

This capability involves providing strategic advice and guidance on architectural decisions, technology investments, and IT transformation initiatives. It focuses on offering expert insights and recommendations to support clients’ business objectives.

Services include:

  • vCIO and vCISO
  • Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Architect as a Service
  • Frameworks & Standards definition
What is involved in Avec's assessments capability when it comes to architecture?

Assessments involve evaluating the current state of your IT architecture, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. It focuses on conducting thorough analyses to inform architectural decisions.

Services include: 

  • Strategy & roadmap alignment
  • Solution options review
  • ICT environment health
  • Portfolio rationalisation

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