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AirServices Australia (ASA) manage Australia’s airspace for all civilian and military flights and provide firefighting services to all civilian and military airports.  As part of an upgrade and replacement for the Civil and Military Aviation Traffic Management System (CMATS), ASA are conducting a large national network upgrade for their data, telco, and telemetry systems.  They lacked sufficient internal network engineering resources to complete this 3-5 year program of work, and after the program is completed, they will need to reduce the program network engineering team to a BAU support and maintenance team again. 

The challenge

ASA require a stable workforce of network engineers across a range of specialisations, including network security, legacy systems, microwave radio, satellite, telecommunications, and IP networking. All engineers working on the project are required to have Australian Citizenship, and several are required to have NV1 Security Clearance.  

The training required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority takes 12 weeks to complete before engineers can contribute meaningfully to the network program.  As such, any staff turnover after the training period incurs a significant delay to the project as replacement staff are onboarded.  

The difference

Avec proposed an Augmented Workforce Solution with specialist network engineers to fulfill the roles of: 

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Engineer (Cisco, IP)
  • Network Engineer (microwave radio)
  • Network Engineer (satellite)
  • Network Management Engineer (monitoring and optimisation)
  • Telecommunications Engineer

Avec was also able to provide: 

  • Consultants who were all Australian citizens.
  • Consultants with NV1 and NV2 security clearance.

A key element in the design for the successful delivery of the Augmented Workforce Solution was a staff retention strategy that we produced to ensure minimal/zero staff turnover to avoid significant program delays. This included: 

  • Thorough process for the consultant identification, interview, vetting and selection to join the team, based on career interests, location related to their employer, prior career history, personality profile, and several other factors
  • Program completion percentage of salary bonus, paid every 12 months in addition to an above market base salary
  • Hands-on consultant management and engagement with weekly Zoom/WebEx chats, monthly informal satisfaction and performance reviews that are conducted every six months
  • Provision of professional career counselling and access to free technical training courses
  • Social and networking events, both online and in person subject to COVID restrictions


The solution

Avec provided a team of 12 network engineering consultants to ASA, with provision to supply additional related consultants, for a period of three years.  The project is underway, and with 100% staff satisfaction and retention. ASA is very pleased with the Avec solution so far. 

The result

Avec has been instrumental in helping ASA achieve maximum staff retention on a multibillion-dollar program for critical national infrastructure.  

Avec is now working with ASA to expand the project service offering to include other areas of the network program and the CMATS program.

Sound familiar?

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