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Struggling with managing and making sense of large volumes of data?

Facing challenges due to inefficient data management or lack of data-driven insights? Worried about data security? We offer data science services, integrating AI to drive insightful analysis and strategic decision making.

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Successfully delivering data & AI projects for 

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Our data & AI practice works with  Australian and New Zealand businesses.

We build data capability in six key areas.

Here’s how we do it:


Assessments & strategy

We can help you align your data and AI initiatives with your business objectives, ensuring that your strategies are purpose-built to drive tangible outcomes.


We can support you by building robust data pipelines, storage solutions and data processing capabilities to ensure your data is accessible, reliable, and optimised for analytics and AI applications.


We can establish data governance frameworks tailored to your specific needs, encompassing data security, privacy compliance, and ethical considerations.


We can create visual representations of data insights and trends, enabling you to communicate and interpret data effectively, supporting data driven decision making across your organisation.


We empower you to effectively leverage data and AI capabilities within your organisation. We aim to build internal capabilities and foster a culture of data and AI proficiency.

Analytics & AI

We can leverage advanced analytical techniques and AI solutions to derive actionable insights, automate processes, and drive innovation within your business.

Our unique approach

We rethink project delivery by blending four simple layers. Individually they are useful but combined they are unstoppable.


How we engage our clients from a contractual perspective. It's where we blend capacity with capability through delivery. 


Our delivery methodology. It is where we blend agile principles with traditional project management, planning, and governance.


Our unique enablers enhance our ability to ensure success. It’s the people, process systems, and practice IP we rely on to deliver better.


Our positioning within the large multinational Talent group and the tremendous access and backing it provides.

Our partners

Success stories

Revolutionising investment assessment at EVP

The challenge Equity Venture Partners (EVP), a notable venture capital (VC) fund, was grappling with an inefficient and time-consuming investment assessment process. EVP employees were manually evaluating thousands of potential investments, a task that demanded...

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Streamlining sales reporting for Assetlink

The challenge Assetlink faced time-consuming and inaccurate sales reporting processes, resulting in delayed decision-making and suboptimal resource allocation. The existing reports, managed by the Sales manager and an resource-constrained IT team, did not meet the...

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What services can Avec provide in the assessments & strategy capability?

Avec can develop data assessments and strategies tailored to your specific needs. These can include:

  • Data strategy
  • AI strategy
  • Platform assessment and design
  • Data governance framework development
  • Ethics audits
  • Advisory services
What governance services can Avec provide when it comes to data & AI?

Governance services include:

  • Data cataloguing and classification
  • Data discovery
  • Data quality monitoring and improvement
  • Maste data management
  • Data retention and archiving
  • Lifecycle management
How does Avec support clients through their enablement capability?

Avec’s enablement capability supports clients in building internal capabilities and ensuring that their teams are equipped to derive value from data and AI technologies. Services include:

  • Data and AI solution architecture
  • Data integration and transformation
  • Data migration and management
  • Cloud enablement
  • Data virtualisation and federation
  • Data lake and big data architecture
What data engineering services are available to clients?

Services include:

  • Data pipeline development and orchestrtaion
  • ETL 
  • Data cleansing and transformation
  • Data warehousing and storage
  • API development and integration
What is involved in Avec's reporting capability when it comes to data & AI?

Services include:

  • Data visualisation design and development
  • Interactive dashboard development
  • Self-service business intelligence
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Ad hoc data analysis and reporting
How does Avec leverage advanced analytical techniques and AI solutions?

Avec leverages advanced analytical techniques and AI solutions to drive innovation, efficiency, and strategic decision-making through:

  • Data analytics
  • Data mining and predictive analytics
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Anomaly detection and fraud analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision
  • Network analytics

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