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Seeking more than projects simply being on time and within budget?

Frustrated by project setbacks? Fed up with costly consultancies? 70% of technology projects fail. We’ll make sure yours doesn’t.

Sallie Moore-Wood

Manager Governance & Information Systems, Waratah-Wynard and Circular Head Councils

Successfully delivering IT projects for 

(and others we can’t name)

Our project management & PMO practice works with  Australian and New Zealand businesses.

We build capability in six key areas.

Here’s how we do it:


Assessments & maturity uplift

We unlock the potential of your project management capabilities with our comprehensive assessments and maturity upliftment services.

Capability as a Service

We empower your organisation with tailored PMO mandates, methodologies, and roadmaps, enabling you to establish, optimise, and deliver PMO-related services aligned with your unique business needs and objectives.

Process, methodologies, & technologies

We leverage industry best practices and agile methodologies to optimise your project management processes.  


We offer PMO technology and effective deployment of technology solutions, helping you leverage advanced tools and platforms to enhance project management, governance, and decision-making.

Project management

From business case creation to benefits management, our specialist project services cover every aspect of project management. We offer tailored solutions to achieve your project objectives.

Satellite PMO

We establish specialised project and program offices, enterprise PMOs, and centres of excellence, enabling you to enhance project governance, standardisation, and knowledge-sharing for improved project delivery.

Our unique approach

We rethink project delivery by blending four simple layers. Individually they are useful but combined they are unstoppable.


How we engage our clients from a contractual perspective. It's where we blend capacity with capability through delivery. 


Our delivery methodology. It is where we blend agile principles with traditional project management, planning, and governance.


Our unique enablers enhance our ability to ensure success. It’s the people, process systems, and practice IP we rely on to deliver better.


Our positioning within the large multinational Talent group and the tremendous access and backing it provides.

Our partners 

Success stories

Council’s oracle fusion cloud SaaS implementation

The challenge In mid-2022, this Council initiated a business transformation program aimed at replacing its core IT systems. The Council faced the challenge of modernising its technological infrastructure to improve efficiency and streamline operations across various...

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Empowering Telstra’s NBN Program

The challenge Telstra Enterprise Group embarked the NBN journey in early 2015 with 4 simple products that would allow its customers to transition from copper based products to NBN Fibre based products. Whilst this was the beginning, Telstra had to gear up for...

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Agile technology integration for corporate office expansion

The Challenge Avec was tasked with the expansion of a new corporate office in Brisbane, requiring the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology. The project was complex, involving substantial building developments and the establishment of a modern workplace for...

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How does Avec support assessments and maturity upliftment?

We offer a range of assessments, including benchmarking, PM capability assessments, PM maturity assessments, training, PMO capability maturity assessments, PM assessments, PMO service assessments, and PMO technology assessments to help uplift project management maturity.

What process, methodologies, and technologies does Avec cover?

Our expertise spans portfolio management, program management, project management, agile delivery, best practices, consulting, implementation, and optimisation to ensure efficient project delivery and governance.

What specific project management services does Avec provide?

We offer comprehensive project management services, including business case creation, specialist project services covering business cases, facilitation, planning & estimation, scheduling, risk management, capacity management, financial management, and benefits management. We also provide project management as a service.

How does Avec support capability as a service?

We assist in PMO mandates, PMO processes/methodologies, PMO roadmaps, PMO establishments, consulting on PMO-related services, and delivery of PMO-related services to empower your organisation with tailored PMO capabilities.

What technology-related services does Avec offer?

We provide advisory services around PMO technology and effective PMO technology deployment to help you leverage advanced tools and platforms for enhanced project management and governance.

What is included in Avec's satellite PMO capabilities?

Avec’s satellite PMO capabilities cover project offices, program offices, enterprise PMOs, PM centres of excellence, and PMO service centres of excellence (e.g. estimation centre of excellence) to enhance project governance and knowledge sharing across your organisation.

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