Waratah-Wynyard + Circular Head Councils' business transformation roadmap

Project Summary

Waratah-Wynyard Council and Circular Head Council partnered with Avec to address common pain points and challenges through a digital transformation strategy. Avec delivered a future state roadmap, enabling both Councils to prioritise, plan, and implement necessary changes, resulting in immediate benefits such as cost savings and improved information management.

The challenge

Waratah-Wynyard Council and Circular Head Council operate under a “shared resources” model with numerous corporate services roles shared across both councils. As an outcome of undertaking a collaborative high-level digital transformation strategy, the Councils identified numerous common pain points and challenges that existed across both organisations including:

  • Significant number of manual processes
  • Limited investment in people, process & tech
  • Appropriately skilled resources
  • Lack of automation
  • Lack of integrated systems
  • Numerous paper-based systems

The scope of the digital transformation strategy extended beyond the replacement and upgrading of software systems and included a clear vision and direction for the future to inform the Councils’ investment including the skills and resources required to achieve effective digital transformation, along with ICT governance and management functions that support application development. The Councils’ sought a partner to help them deliver Phase 1 of their digital transformation strategy, including the development of a future state roadmap and target operating model for Councils.

The difference

By creating a future state roadmap and target operating model, Avec would be able to make a difference in both Councils’ plans and budgets. Furthermore, by defining their enterprise and information architectures, defining and prioritising key processes for transformation and automation, as well as the development of a transformational change management plan, Avec will be able to assist in executing the future phases of the digital transformation journey.

The solution

The key services delivered by Avec included:

  • Analysis of the current state and development of future state enterprise and solution architectures
  • Design and documentation of the future state information architecture
  • Business process re-engineering, including a review of as-is business processes, and prioritisation and mapping of high-value future state business processes
  • Development of a target operating model and transformation roadmap for both Councils
  • Delivery of a transformational change management plan

The result

Avec delivered a detailed yet simple-to-understand future state roadmap for the digital transformation journey of both Councils. This has enabled Waratah-Wynyard Council and Circular Head Council to prioritise, plan, and implement the required organisational, budgetary, and technology changes required to achieve the future phases of their digital transformation objectives.

Immediate benefits are being realised through rationalised application licensing, a cost saving of $300,000 per year, a more structured and consistent approach to Information Management as well as the automation of manual tasks utilising existing systems and technologies.