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Our automation practice delivers technology driven business transformation solutions in several key areas.

Here’s how we do it:

Opportunity identification

We identify areas within your business where automation can be effectively applied to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Governance & strategy

We establish governance frameworks and strategic planning for the automation initiatives. Ensuring that the solutions align with your overall business strategy and comply with regulatory requirements.

Build automations

We develop and implement automated solutions tailored to your needs. We create custom automation solutions that can range from simple repetitive tasks to complex business processes.

Support & maintenance

We provide ongoing management, support, and maintenance for the deployed automation solutions. Ensuring that the solutions remain operational, up-to-date, and continue to deliver value.

Quality management

We ensure that the solutions meet the required standards and deliver the expected results. It involves rigorous testing, validation, and continuous improvement to maintain the quality and reliability of the automation.

Develop capability

We build the skills and knowledge within your organisation to effectively leverage and manage the automation solutions. This can include training, upskilling, and knowledge transfer to empower your teams.

Our unique approach

We rethink project delivery by blending four simple layers. Individually they are useful but combined they are unstoppable.


How we engage our clients from a contractual perspective. It's where we blend capacity with capability through delivery. 


Our delivery methodology. It is where we blend agile principles with traditional project management, planning, and governance.


Our unique enablers enhance our ability to ensure success. It’s the people, process systems, and practice IP we rely on to deliver better.


Our positioning within the large multinational Talent group and the tremendous access and backing it provides.

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Success stories

Transforming payroll operations with RPA

The challenge Avec was approached by a leading shared services provider facing mounting operational pressures within its payroll department. The client recognised the need to enhance efficiency and redeploy existing staff to more strategic tasks. The existing...

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Leading international airline: robotic process automation

The challenge In the highly competitive airline industry, our client, a large national carrier with a global fleet, sought a technology-based solution to reduce costs across various business units and maximise aircraft utilisation while maintaining standards and...

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How does Avec help clients identify business process suitable for automation?

We assist clients in identifying automation candidates using our proven operational diagnostic methodology and toolset. We assess the technical feasibility, effort, and economic viability to create a prioritised backlog of automation business process candidates. We also manage the automation backlog and roadmap.

How does the Avec team build automations?

We follow a comprehensive process to build automations, including defining and documenting candidate business processes, designing technical requirements, architecting solutions, developing automations, testing and deploying them, and tracking benefits realisation.

How does Avec ensure the quality of automations?

We define coding standards, conduct code quality reviews, apply tools, templates, and code repositories, and introduce proven methodologies and frameworks to maintain high-quality standards.

How does Avec approach governance and strategy for automation?

We work with clients to define the automation vision and objectives, roles and responsibilities, organisational structures, and channels that support the automation program. We also define performance metrics aligned with the automation vision and introduce standardised policies, procedures, and methods.

How does Avec manage the automation platform?

We collaborate with your IT teams to implement core IT infrastructures, operate, support, and optimise automated processes.

How does Avec build automation capability for clients?

We offer customised masterclass training and a range of training options, from citizen developer to senior developer and process controller. We match classroom knowledge with mentored hands-on practical experience to ensure comprehensive capability building.

How does Avec provide support and maintenance for automations?

We monitor bots and AI agents, continuously improve processes, and provide support through a structured escalation model, as well as manage services.

How do Avec's prebuilt process design templates benefit me?

Our prebuilt process design templates aim to reduce development time and effort, maximise quality and consistency, lift capability, and accelerate the journey to scale by providing ready-to-use templates for process design.

What does Avec provide me in terms of CoE (Centre of Exellence) establishment?

We assist in establishing automation governance, monitoring the performance and benefits of the automation platform and program, gaining insights, and nurturing adoption and expansion through the CoE.

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