Engagement Models

Avec specialises in providing Project Delivery Services and Delivery Enablers covering the following traditional Services

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Administration
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Agile Delivery
  • Transformation Offices
  • Project Management Offices
  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
  • IT Professionals

Statement of Work

Avec provides fixed price, milestone based contracts for delivery. While by definition SOW work generally requires the provider to take on delivery risk in practice this is often not the case. We therefore clearly separate out SOW work from Managed Resource (@risk) in our defined service offerings.

Managed Resource

Instead of providing resources on a T&M or SOW type of engagement we provide resources with complimentary services. We believe that the services we provide around the resources ensure optimal delivery and as such we are happy to provide these additional services at risk. If we fail to deliver, you don’t pay for the service.

Managed Service 

In line with the Managed Resource we provide the services for specific management functions within a portfolio or project. These include amongst others:

  • Facilitation
  • Sizing
  • Estimation
  • Management – Project Management
  • Requirements Management – Business Analysis
  • Quality Management – Testing
  • Financial Management – Project Accounting
  • Communications Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Assurance
  • Project Management Offices
  • Transformation Offices
  • Delivery Enablement Offices

Managed Project

In line with the Managed Resource above we provide the services across the entire project and as such take full responsibility for the entire project delivery.


Avec is part of a larger Group that offers skilled resources through traditional contracting models. While Avec steers clear from blurring the lines between true contracting and consultation, when required Avec will draw on the capacity within the Group to provide traditional solutions to clients.