Assurance services provide great mitigators for ensuring that the potential for failed delivery is minimised.

Avec provides program assurance throughout the delivery process and can extend this to supplement existing teams with additional support capability either on a full time or ad hoc basis.

Avec through its engagement model has a vested interest in predictable delivery. In order to improve the chances of success Avec recommends deploying a program assurance team.

Where problem areas are identified, corrective action will be suggested and in some instances the assurance team will supplement in resources to improve overall delivery.

Our simple approach to quality planning, assurance and control consist of the following easy steps:


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is undertaken during execution of the project and includes: 

  • Process of evaluating overall performance on a regular basis
  • Re-evaluating quality standards
  • Quality audits – structured review of quality activities that identify lessons learned
  • These lessons learned are used for process improvement and future projects.


Measurements to support Quality Assurance:

  • Quality Assurance Checklist

  • Quality Assurance Checklist for Vendors

  • Schedule Reviews


  • Project Close out Assessments

  • Project Close out Metrics

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys (Business and End-User)

Quality Control

Quality Control focuses on the correctness of work. This includes inspections. The combinations of tools and techniques used for Quality Control are:

  • Cause and effect diagram

  • Control charts

  • Flowcharting

  • Histogram

  • Lesson learned

  • Phase reviews

  • Statistical sampling

  • Schedule reviews

  • Defect repair review

Quality is defined in everything we do and is an imperative for a meaningful partnership to flourish.

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