Understanding your digital journey early on is often a daunting thought for most IT executives. Far too often clients dive headfirst into migrations to Cloud without a thorough understanding of what the migration may look like.

Avec has partnered with CAST highlight to assist in relation to this. 

CAST Highlight analyses, in a non-intrusive manner, your applications and provides a number of insights into your applications.




CAST Highlight provides a number of insights into your applications to assist with:


  • Building a Cloud migration roadmap with objective, fact based software analytics
  • Detecting good candidate applications for Cloud migration
  • Spotting the software blockers that slow down the organisations Cloud migration journey/Identifying boosters to Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Providing accurate effort estimates
  • Tracking your Cloud migration efforts and also applications cloud readiness index over time

In addition to the generic benefits provided by CAST, Avec integrates its outputs into other mechanisms to address the following challenges: 

Project prioritisation

Project estimation

Agile delivery metrics – normalised velocity

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