Software projects often overrun or expose the organisation to substantial risk due to poor requirements.

Avec has partnered with ScopeMaster®, an intelligent software requirements analyser.

ScopeMaster® reads user stories like a human and performs time-consuming analysis work for you. It parses, interprets, tests, cross-references, sizes and then reports on many aspects of your user stories.

ScopeMaster® will find, and help you fix, typically 30 – 60% of all requirements issues, which is approximately 10% of all project defects.
It will find potential problems such as ambiguities, duplicates, omissions, inconsistencies and complexities. ScopeMaster® is also the first technology ever to fully automate functional sizing from requirements. 


  • The impact of mistakes made early on in projects if not addressed are amplified in terms of their impact – one incorrect word in a user story is likely to negatively affect ~125 “code” words.
  • Missing requirements can sometimes outnumber stated requirements meaning that a project could easily end up being twice its original size, cost more than twice the initial estimate and take more than twice as long to deliver.
  • Poor quality requirements generates waste and rework that can threaten the success of a project: ambiguous, duplicate, inconsistent requirements can add significant risk.

ScopeMaster optimises requirements and ensures:

  • Faster Delivery

  • Reduced Re-work

  • Better Quality

  • Reduced Project Risk

  • Fewer Bugs

  • Lower Cost

  • Happier Teams

In addition to the specific benefits offered by ScopeMaster, AVEC integrates its outputs into other mechanisms to address the following challenges:

  • Architecture/ Design

  • Purchased Hardware

  • Purchased Software

  • Software/ Database Services

  • End User Services

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Facilities

  • Training

  • Service Desk Components

  • User Documentation

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