Skills Planning

Assessments provide valuable insights into organisations, people and projects and often form the basis for our engagements with clients.  

In this digital era most organisations are going through significant transformation initiatives.

Key to these is an organisation’s ability to transform its people and address some simple questions through a robust understanding of its capacity and capability.

  • What skills do we have?
  • What skills do we need?
  • What skills can we develop?
  • What skills do we need to source?
  • Which skills are redundant for the future?

It’s Your Skill

Avec has partnered with It’s Your Skill (IYS) to deliver skills profiling of individuals and jobs: 

  • IYS brings common taxonomy to skills, common structure to skills profiles and common measure to proficiencies in skills. 
  • It seeks to be a shared resource that can be used by all in the talent landscape. 
  • IYS has created and continues to keep updating one of the most comprehensive resources on skills – the IYS skills ontology. 
  • IYS profiling framework of a job or a person covers different facets of skill including knowledge, tools & technologies, domain, role and activities, and behavioural skills. 
  • A skills profiler user interface simplifies the complex task of mapping the skills of jobs and people. 
  • IYS skills profile presents skills clearly, simply in a universal manner for skills required for a particular job or the skills a particular person possesses. 


In addition to the generic benefits that IYS provide, Avec integrates its outputs into other mechanisms to address the following challenges:

  • Organisational Design

  • People Transformation

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Future of Work

Whether you are after a skills inventory of current staff, a gap analysis to future requirements or the opportunity to develop personal learning paths for re-skilling or upskilling we can enable you.

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