Avec Automation

Deploying intelligent automation at scale. Providing a focussed, no-nonsense, human approach to automation delivery. 

Digital workers (robots) that leverage robotic and cognitive technologies to deliver superior enterprise outcomes for your team.

Our delivery is supported by a robust Agile Orientated Delivery Framework that ensures predictable outcomes and organisational success for you.  

Assisting you to build automation capability in seven key areas. 

 1. Opportunity identification

2. Building intelligent automations

3. Quality management

4. Governance & strategy

5. Manage platform

6. Deliver training  

7. Support & maintenance


What makes us different

  • Reducing development time & effort
  • Maximising quality & consistency
  • Lift capability
  • Accelerate the journey to scale
  • Customised Masterclass training
  • Range of training options from senior developer to process controller to citizen developer
  • Matching classroom knowledge with hands-on practical experience
  • Provide automation governance
  • Monitor the performance of the automation platform(s)
  • Gain insights into and nurture Platform adoption.

Active partnerships with “best in breed” technology providers enables us to implement the most sophisticated IA solutions to support your business transformation.

Routinely supporting you  to successfully deliver high value, industry changing outcomes


Client Executive Sponsorship of the Program

IA programs require executive buy-in and on-going visible support and governance in order to be successful. Avec supports the C-Suite.

Selection of ‘The Right’ Automation Opportunities at the Right Time

Selecting processes which are suited to the application of IA Technologies is critical to program success. Avec has the skills to re-engineer and re-design to ensure automation optimisation.

Developing Requisite Automation Expertise

Building and deploying automations requires a unique breadth of expertise including communication and engagement skills, process analysis and re-design skills, automation development skills and change management skills. The Avec specialists develop these skills through repetition over many years. 

Pushing the Boundaries

The availability of new and enhanced IA technologies provides the ability to automate processing which may previously have not been feasible or possible. Avec has expertise in all leading IA technologies.

Architecting the Required IA Platform

IA technologies complement and must be aligned with customer traditional IT  platforms and application solutions. Avec’s Platform Team is relied on by customers and Partners globally.

How we can help 

Process delivery

−Utilising established frameworks to identify and create the automation business case

−Solution design of candidate processes, including applying the right tools to meet business needs

CoE planning, design & establishment

−Implement and/or refine current CoE and/or Automation Program Toolkits

−Define Automation Delivery Best Practices & Governance Model, including full Automation Lifecycle Management including benefits realisation management

Platform technology section and/or infrastucture alignment

−Identify and Implement the right tools and/or refine infrastructure environment strategy

−Build out and solution various access, security and data loss prevention (DLP) policies in line with your ITSEC strategy

Pilot and/or accelerate automation delivery in line with your identified business case

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