Busting myths about automation
22nd March 2021

There is a lot of information out there in the market around RPA, so instead of telling you what you probably already know, we wanted to highlight and dig down into a few myths that people are not speaking about.

For those wondering what RPA is, here’s an overview.

In short, think of RPA as a software that handles routine or manual tasks that might normally be conducted by someone sitting in front of a PC or laptop. It is a way to easily automate repetitive tasks across applications.
According to Gartner RPA is the fastest growing software market with a reported growth of 63% in 2019. The global market is currently sitting at $1.2 billion and the transparency market research is showing that by 2024 the global market will reach $16 billion.

The biggets myth.

The biggest myth out there is that RPA is a threat to job security however when developed properly, it becomes a source of opportunity both for the business and the workforce. Always remember RPA replaces tasks, not humans and will allow you as an employee to be more productive in your role.

Now, lets dig a bit deeper into some other myths.

One that we love debunking is RPA is only accessible to companies with big budgets. This is no longer the case. As mysertious and complicated as RPA sounds to an average user, so too has been the pricing models of the large providers. I challenge you to try and get pricing on any of these without having to interpret layers and layers of complexity and hidden costs and also to overcome certain minimum theshholds. At Avec, we pride ourselves on keeping the market honest and in making sure we don’t leave out the little guys. Companies big and small globally can now access a bot for a single all in monthly fee of $495AUD – no extra’s for developer licenses, attended bots and orchestrators. Our one tip would be to absolutely make sure you research companies offering RPA and speak with them directly about what you are after, the up-front costs, and the on-going costs.

Next up on the list is the myth that you need developers for RPA. Again the market makes claims about moves to citizen developer but let’s be honest RPA remains an IT tool for developers to levarge. At Avec we challenge this thinking with true drag and drop capability that anyone can do – after all RPO should be business value rather than IT intregration lead.

Finally, we would love to address the myth that you need to target large time-consuming processes to get an ROI. What RPA does to assist employee time management is exceptional. Take for example a process that normally took around two hours a day resulting in forty hours per month. After using RPA, the ROI was over 260% with a payback of 2.5 months. RPA runs 24/7, this process only consumes 30 minutes of that bots meaning a 260% return on 2% of the bots capability.

So, what is this telling us?

• There are local cost effective alternatives to the high end of town that you should be consider.
• RPA can be business value rather than IT integration lead.
• RPA is no longer out of reach for companies and can deliver meaningful returns on virtually any size process.

There you have it, a few simple and easy myth busts on automation.
If your business needs any help with RPA or simply just want to have a chat about it, please reach out to one of the Avec team members at info@avecglobal.com

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